Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sand Hollow Adventure

We had such a great adventure yesterday! We are in St. George for Spring Break. Brittany didn't come because she has a ton of work to do to get ready for her four AP tests. The upside of that is that is that we all fit in one of these. William signed us up with a guide and it was amazing!
Everyone was very excited!
The boys with our machine.
William had a lot of fun following our guide. We went places we would never have found and he drove places we wouldn't have dared without someone who knew what they are doing.
He took us to see petroglyphs. Very awesome for Josh who is studying Utah history in school.
Had to look like a bank robber though!
He even took us to see dinosaur footprints!
And then we got to the sand dunes! Wow!
There was a formation in the middle the boys liked climbing on.

It is hard to tell but there were loads of hills and valleys that William had a lot of fun running us up and down!
After four hours it was. Beautiful, fun day!


Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

What a great holiday Christmas season we have had this year!
We got our traditional gingerbread houses made.
We really are getting good at this!
We had our traditional Christmas breakfast at The Grand with Grandma and Grandpa Butler. It was lovely.
And so much fun!
Pretty Girls!
Silly boys!
Once school was finished we got to go see the new Star Wars movie with the Sorenson. Uncle Nate's company had bought out a theater for their Christmas party and they had extra tickets for us. Even met Vader!
And Brittany created this great ensemble complete with Princess Leia buns! So cute!
We did Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so lovely.
I made these  three adorable girls matching mermaid tails.
And then this morning we had one of the best Christmas mornings ever!
I really wish I could freeze time. Our kids are so fantastic and fun at the point. They are always so fun on Christmas morning. They should never be allowed to grow up and be anywhere but here with me on Christmas morning!
I mean look at this enthusiasm!
The weather cooperated so we were able to go down to the Sorenson for dinner. Aren't these three the cutest?
And we even got to hang out with this cutie! The only thing our day was missing was a cute small person and we got to borrow Nate's brother's adorable Aubrey. Perfect! She liked pretty Brittany and her sparkly jewelry.
Such a lovely Christmas full of family and love. I am feeling so blessed and grateful.And tired. Just a little tired!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

 Last month I spent a really fun day with Brittany and Matthew. We managed to get ourselves to the Salt Lake Comic Con. It was a whole lot of crazy fun! Here we are waiting to get in, along with hundreds of other people!
 Once we had decided to go Brittany decided to accelerate the production of her Halloween costume. She had decided to be Scarlet Witch from the Marvel comics. I still can't believe we pulled it off. She made the amazing headpiece and I managed to produce a corset, dress and cape. She really was amazing and gorgeous.
Close up of the headress, hair and make-up.
 The organizers of the Salt Lake Comic Con arranged an attempt to break a Guinness World record for the most people ever assembled dressed as characters who originated from a comic book. Brittany got to participate and said it was  a blast. This is her with a bunch of other participants.
 Matt and I wandered around while she was with her friends Emily and Noelle. Matt and Iron Man.
 A very cool car they were painting with the Joker throughout the day.
 They had a green screed that Matt and  I had a good time playing with.
 Brittany and her friend Noelle who borrowed her Winter Solider costume for the day.
 Our favorite panel of the day, Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky in the Captain America films.
And a picture of The Doctor conquering a Dalek I took for Josh. It was an amazing, exhausting day that I'm glad we got to have!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Brittany's Sweet Sixteen

Our oldest child turned sixteen! I can't believe it, she has become an amazing person and it all seems to have happened so quickly! So the was a lot of celebrating to be done!

 On Brittany's actual birthday she and I went to lunch and went shopping at City Creek on Salt Lake.  She discovered she likes lobster bisque at Zupas.

We had the Sorensons up for cake and ice cream on Sunday.

 Brittany had won a ticket to Hale theater so  she and I also went to see The Little Mermaid, it was amazing! Then it was time for the big sweet 16 party.

  We thought about it a lot and decided to do a murder mystery party. We had a great time working on the decorations and they turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself. Brittany made most of them though.

It involved dressing up from one of her favorites periods, the 50's and a roast  beef dinner which she also loves.

 Her friends all dressed up so cute and seemed to have a blast.

 After they were done they broke out the rest of Grandma's dress-ups and kept having fun.  Such great kids! I'm so grateful for Brittany and the amazing person she is.

Bear Lake 2015

Such a fun week at Bear Lake this year!

 The first day always involves getting right in the pool.

 This is Matt being the engine for his cousins and siblings.

 Grandma brought advanced coloring book which were really fun. Then we had a fantastic day at the beach,  lots of time on the jet ski and perfect weather. So I guess I didn't take pictures, I was too busy playing. 

 The second day was a little cloudier so we broke out the kites Grandma got from the dollar store. Who would have thought we could have so much fun with such cheap kites? 

We decided the family that flies kites together stays together!

 Brittany and Abby even took one out in the raft!

There was a cool storm that came up for a little while but it didn't last!
We didn't make as many sand sculptures as we usually do but these are the beauties that Uncle Nate and  Brittany made. 
Goodbye Bear Lake we love you! 
Until next year!