Thursday, July 24, 2008

What do you do in the Summertime

A new idea for your kids today! If your kids are like mine they have been through all the board games, puzzles and coloring books by now. We tried this idea I found on Betz's blog and we loved it! I has all the requirements I love in a new Summertime activity; it is fast, easy and cheap! Oh and my kids really liked it too, that should be a requirement too right? This is the Foamerator as Betz called it. It enables your kids to make TONS of bubbles. Think a kitchen sink full. Here is the little cutie. All it consists of is a water bottle with the bottom cut off and a damp washcloth attached to the bottom with a rubber band. Dump some bubbles in a bowl, dip in your cool new Foamerator and off you go! The one thing we learned was that if you used flimsier bottles like these we had eventually you may experience a bottle collapse and have to reattach the washcloth ( I actually used old bibs). Oh, see this is even a green activity because we are recycling the bottles and bibs in my case!
The kids covered the patio table in bubbles!

And Brittany got pretty good at bubble snakes! Hope you have as much fun as we did!


Simply Stork said...

this looks like fun...I have a couple of kiddo's that would love to give this a go :o)


Janice said...

Oh I have to do that one!

Circe said...

LOVE IT! I'll try it at my boys only pirate party tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

oh how cute!! what a great idea to keep them busy! haha hugs


quiltdude said...

That looks like so much fun, will give it a go.
Hope you like the award I have given you (check my blog) you have been an inspiration to me.
X Clare

Circe said...

The Meyer story was hilarious! She's going to be a Mormon celeb just for meeting Stehenie Meyer!

Sherry said...

We made these over the 4th. The kids had a blast!! Wasn't that a cool and cheap idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh thats funny!! And I bet the great thing is that the expenditure of oxygen tires them out..(which might get my two year old to start taking naps again..hmmm). I like the fact that it doesnt cost anything..and yes we've been through the paints puzzles, coloring books, yard equipment, etc. too:)

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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