Thursday, March 07, 2013

Pinterest Projects

 It has been awhile since I have posted crafts. Too long since I've blogged really. I blame Pinterest. Love pinterest! But that is where I have spent my screen time lately. I have found some fun projects thought. This flower is now hanging in my niece Libby's new teen room. I liked it so much I made myself one in yellow. Çan't get enough flowers this winter.
 I made the word love with my crafting buddy Mandi after I saw it on Pinterest.
 This is one of my favorites that Mandi found on pinterest. We have made this one two ways. This one is fabric glued to a mat, duct taped on the back and then covered it with polyurethane.  We also did it on a piece of linoleum I got at Home Depot.
Finally, Matthew's Perry the Platypus valentine box. We found this one on pinterest too. Love that Pinterest!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Winter that Will Not End

 This winter just seems to go on and on. I can only post these pictures because it doesn't look like this anymore. The icicles finally  have melted and although there are still huge piles of snow we can actually see grass. The snow was a lot of fun though. The kids continued to have fun with the luge their dad made. They sort of had to keep digging it out but it is still out there, at least most of it.
 BIG pile of snow!
And there goes Brittany!  I am so ready for Spring.