Thursday, June 25, 2015

Josh turns 9!

Our baby Josh turned 9 this week! I can't believe it! 

We had a great party with his awesome friends.

They all came for cake and ice cream and then we spent the afternoon at Classic Skating. So much fun!  

Then his actual birthday was on Father's Day so we had a party for him and his dad.

  Brittany and Matt made him a Jurassic World cake, we had seen the new movie earlier in the week.  

It turned out awesome! 

 Brittany made an amazing stuffed guy from Minecraft called a creeper.

Brittany's Amazing Trek

Brittany had an amazing week last week.  She participated in our Stake Pioneer Trek. They were able to go to Martin's Cove, such a beautiful, special place.  She absolutely loved her family and the whole experience.  They had a river crossing,  she is in the green dress. Her trek brother took this amazing picture at night too. I am so grateful she had such a great week!