Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

 I haven't blogged in forever but we just had such a great Halloween tonight I just have to document it. I may say this every year  but this one really was our best ever. Here we are at the reinstated, wonderful Dopp family Halloween party. We are so glad to have this tradition back. It is a great gift our friends the Dopps give us and one of the few Halloween traditions we all participate in together. I can't seem to get the great pictures Circe texted me off my phone but I will steal some when she blogs them.
 This year Brittany pretty much took care of herself in the costume department. She came up with this idea, Miss Captain America, all by herself. Then she made the hat and tutu. I did help with the shirt but I have to say this was my easiest Halloween so far. Maybe having older kids is better than I thought.
She even added patriotic makeup!
Matthew was the first of my Duck Dynasty family. The boys love this show and being Willy was perfect for Matthew. He was awesome!

Josh was the younger brother, Jace I think. Isn't he the cutest redneck you've ever seen? The boys helped paint their spray-painted nerf guns with camo to complete their look.
Earlier in the week there was a school Halloween dance. I took the boys and was the mom, Miss Kay.

This is my new favorite picture. William even got into it and dressed up as Phil, the dad.
After Circe's party we hit the streets for trick-or-treating. This is Josh with his best buddies Tavin and Gage. His night was complete because he got to go with them the whole time. They cracked me up because at every house they would yell "attack!" and run at the house. Half the time they hit the ground and army crawled across the lawn. Silly kids. They were so fun though
Brittany was our candy distributor who later went to a party(!) and Matthew started with us an then ditched us to go with a friend. .
What a great night!