Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sand Hollow Adventure

We had such a great adventure yesterday! We are in St. George for Spring Break. Brittany didn't come because she has a ton of work to do to get ready for her four AP tests. The upside of that is that is that we all fit in one of these. William signed us up with a guide and it was amazing!
Everyone was very excited!
The boys with our machine.
William had a lot of fun following our guide. We went places we would never have found and he drove places we wouldn't have dared without someone who knew what they are doing.
He took us to see petroglyphs. Very awesome for Josh who is studying Utah history in school.
Had to look like a bank robber though!
He even took us to see dinosaur footprints!
And then we got to the sand dunes! Wow!
There was a formation in the middle the boys liked climbing on.

It is hard to tell but there were loads of hills and valleys that William had a lot of fun running us up and down!
After four hours it was. Beautiful, fun day!