Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bear Lake 2014

This is one of our most favorite weeks of the year! It is our Butler week at Bear Lake. Today was the first day at the beach. Which sometimes means some fun surprises like Grandma jumping in the inflatable raft for a ride.
  It also means a lot of digging in the sand for us. And castles and sand sculptures are a big part of this week.  Grandma, Grandpa and I helped Josh with a Castle and village, Brittany sculpted Thor's hammer, Matt made two connecting holes, and Uncle Nate made a dead elephant. He specifically told me it was a dead elephant. Yikes! Those are just theones I got pictures of! It was a great day, even if it was a little rainy and overcast

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Joshua's Baptism

This weekend was a busy one for us. Joshua was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here are my wonderful kids as we got to the church. Josh was a little nervous. I can't believe  all three of my kids are now baptized members of the church, time is going too fast!
 Josh with Mom and Dad before getting ready to be baptized.
 Joshua with Grandma and Grandpa after getting dressed. Love how happy they all look. I can't believe I didn't get one with Oma and Opa!
 This is Josh with his friend Jordon Kokkola who also was baptized yesterday. Such cute boys!
 Already to go with Dad!
 And with Mom jumping into the picture.
 Brittany took this cute thumbs up picture, ready to go! Joshua's Dad did a beautiful job baptizing and confirming him a member of our church. I was so proud of them both. Then after our Bishop asked Brittany if she would bear her testimony which she did, completing a perfect day for me!

Then we went back to out house with all of our wonderful family, most of whom I failed to get a picture of. There are so many things to do when having such a party that I forget important things like that! But it really was a wonderful day full of great memories!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

July 4th 2014

 I love the Fourth of July. So much fun for relatively little stress. This year ours was even better because the Sorensons decided to spend it with us. These are all of the Butler cousins waiting for the parade to start. Aren't they the cutest?
Face painting while waiting for the parade to start is a tradition among my kids. Josh is patriotic puppy in case you wondered.  
 Brittany and Libby being fabulous while Matthew tolerates me taking his picture.
Brittany and Matt trying to catch something good.
After the fireworks we had our annual Meatfest. I tried to take pictures but there just was too much meat. It was awesome. Then we took the Sorensons to our favorite spot for fireworks. Half of the reason the kids like this spot is because there is lots of room to throw a Frisbee and horse around while you wait for the show to start.  It is even better when our friends the Dopps join us too!
The cousins all lined up, ready for fireworks. I love moments like this. I know it won't be long before these kids want to spend the Fourth with friends or have  a date or some such thing. But for now I sure loved having them all together.  
Happy Fourth of July! 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Brittany turns 15!

We had another birthday at our house this week! This time it was Brittany's turn. I can't believe my baby girl is fifteen! We had a great time celebrating her.
Sunday Grandma and Grandpa came with the Sorensons for dinner, cake and ice cream and presents.
This is Grandma's cool new birthday gift. Money balloons. Big fun!
After she woke up we zipped over to Boondocks to get a little driving practice in. We lucked out and Abby and Libby were spending the night at Grandma's so we got to spend the next day shopping with them.
See Brittany in her pretty birthday crown? Kind of an evil smile, it does showcase her new braces though.

 We ended our fun day with gelato. Yum!

 I love that theses girls love each other.
Then went home to more presents! It was a fun day, I hope Brittany had as much fun as I did! She is a fantastic kids and I'm so grateful she is ours!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Josh Officially turns Eight

Today is the day Josh has been waiting for! Today he is eight! 
The morning started with presents.  Then his dad took him to Boondocks.
Lots of racing, mini-golf and bumper boats. Followed by lunch at their favorite Habit Burger. Grandma and Grandpa came for dinner and cake.
Have I mentioned we have the most fun grandma ever? First, Grandma's new, cool gift is to load money into balloons along with a lot of confetti.  Then the lucky recipient gets to pop them and keep the money. The kids love it. It was a little scary because Josh got a new pocket knife which the male members of our family encouraged him to use on the balloons. Luckily everyone survived but the balloons. 
Then,  because it has been a tough week after Matt's tonsil surgery Grandma offered to make Josh's cake. It was amazing! The best frosting ever inside and out and decked out in candy!

And now Josh and his dad have headed back to Boondocks for more fun. I hope our boy has had a great day, we are so lucky to have him in our family. He is a sweet, smart, funny boy and we sure love him!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Josh's Eight year old Party

Today we started the celebrations for Joshua's eight year old birthday.  It was party day. These cute boys came over for a party. First they started outside, then fought a great nerf gun war.
Then they came inside and opened presents. I love the picture on the right. I said "Josh, aren't you going to thank your friends?" to which he responded, "Group hug!" And they all jumped into this pile of boys hugging. I wish they could just stay eight! His older brother and his friends definitely would not do that. Then we all took off for a movie. I had offered to take them to the new How to Train Your Dragon movie but Josh wanted to see Rio 2 at the Kaysville theater. The Kaysville theater means mom will buy drinks and a candy or popcorn because the tickets are so much cheaper. I cracked up at how great the boys who hadn't been to the Kaysville theater thought it was! It had to be the extra treats! It was a great party day, now we are ready for the real thing tomorrow! 

Tonsil Extraction

 Matthew has struggled with his tonsils for years now. He gets strep several times a winter and snores like a bear, just to name a couple of their issues, basically they make things miserable for him. So we finally decided it was time they parted ways, he and his tonsils. Monday was the day. Luckily, we have a trusted friend who is an ENT. I can't begin to say how this decreased my anxiety. I wasn't worried in the least Monday because I knew Mike would take really good care of him. Here he is all ready for surgery and immediately after. When Mike came out to tell us about the surgery he told us how when the anesthesiologist tipped his head back so they could get to the tonsils the rotten things were so big they obstructed his airway. He had to have someone hold his head in the right position so they could get to them. He also snored while they were operating and once they were out that decreased. Mike said the anesthesiologist said he was already much better. So I guess we had our sleep study right there! He also said they were diseased looking and imbedded in his throat. So it was the right thing to do, I only wish we had done it years ago.
 Here he is right after surgery. Trying to smile for me. Don't be fooled, he was really miserable and I doubted for about 30 minutes if we had done the right thing after all.
A couple days after surgery. Don't' be fooled by his cute face trying to smile. This has easily been the most miserable week Matt has ever experienced. The throat pain has been bad but the pain that radiates into the ears has been really rough too. As often as he has had strep you might think that he is used to being sick but it had gotten to the point that he could function pretty well with strep, not necessarily a good thing. But unfortunately it means he is not used to feeling so bad for so long. Tomorrow will be day six, hopefully we only have a couple of really bad days left. He had been such a good sport, I am really proud of him. Hopefully this will set us up for healthier winters!