Friday, October 17, 2014

The First Day of Fall Break

 We are so lucky this year because the Sorenson gang has Fall Break the same time we do! And they came to stay at Grandma's for most of it! So to start things off we all went to Station Park and had lunch. Love that these two have such a great time together.
 These adorable three have a lot of fun too!
 There was a lot of shopping and trying on of crazy and cute things.
On the way out Matt found a Tesla, had to take a picture of course! I love breaks in school, do we really have to go back?

Another fun day

Today for our second big day of Fall Break we hung out with the Sorenson's again!
We started with making a gingerbread Halloween village, ate some lunch,
went miniature golfing at Scary Hill,
where the kids were constantly under attack.

And then went to a pumpkin patch.
 There was even a mini-carnival with balloon animal/guns and cotton candy!
Whew! It was a day packed full of fun! It is so much fun when the Sorensons have a break at the same time we do! But tomorrow we are doing absolutely nothing!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Flag Football Fall 2014

My boys have had a great time this year playing flag football again. I haven't taken a lot of pictures but have to post the ones I do have. I did get Josh posing,  I have to work on getting to do that same . There is something about watching football in the fall that is just so fun!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Matt's First Trip to the Temple

Yesterday I got to take three fine young men to the Bountiful temple to do baptisms for the dead. Matt has been twelve for three weeks now and has been anxious to have this experience ever since he got his recommend. So he invited his two best friends, Jack and Tannon and we found some time after school. It seemed like a particularly good idea with the temple dedication tomorrow. These three are such good friends and such good boys, I am proud of all three of them!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Temple Day!

It seems like so many of our friends and neighbors have already been to tour the newly remodeled Ogden temple. Well today it was finally our turn! To make it even more special we got to go with the whole Butler clan plus Aunt Gloria who was visiting from Minnesota.
The kids wanted to take a picture of their feet all together. I thought I was super clever coming up with the hash tag "standing in holy places". Love these feet and the amazing kids they are attached to! 
Josh was my only child who would let me take his picture in front of the temple. I'm sure this means he will receive extra blessings! 
After a wonderful tour of the beautiful new building Grandpa took us all to Chuck-a-rama, or kid heaven as it could also be called. I don't think the kids have had this much fun at a meal together since the cruise. There was a bit of a wait so Abby and Brittany used Matt as a pillow for a little nap. 
Love these crazy people! 
It all ended with all kinds of crazy desserts, the craziest created by Matt. Yes those are French fries he poured ice cream over. He swears it was delicious. It was a fantastic day. One of those perfect ones you wish you could stretch and make last forever.  

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Park City 2014

This was one of our favorite weekends off the year, it was the weekend we spend in Park City.
This year we started in Salt Lake with a visit to Smash Burger and a favorite toy store. I'm so glad they aren't too big to have fun there.
 Then we hit the outlets for some school shopping and of course the pool. We ate a lot of yummy food too.
We love the Arts Festival, it really is one of our happy places. This year it was even better because Annie and Roberto joined us with darling Gigi.
That cute face makes everything more fun! 
Just a few of the fun things we loved seeing.
The last morning we decided to try something new and we all rode the alpine slide. This was the view when you got off the lift.
It was great fun, I was so proud of Matt for overcoming his fear of heights to ride the ski lift up to ride it
Josh right before he went down.
Brittany coming down. It was great fun!
Then we finished with a movie the kids have been really excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. Our family has had a great time seeing Marvel movies lately. It is fun to find a movie we all like at this stage. Such a great weekend!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fitzgerald Family Reunion 2014

This weekend was the Fitzgerald Family reunion. We all headed up to Oma and Opa's place for some family bonding.
  There was a lot of playing on the swing, crazy games the kids made up, going down the slip and slide, tubing the canal, four-wheeling, star gazing and movie watching. We missed Brittany since she was finishing up EFY.
The little kids are always one of my favorite parts of hanging out as a family. It seems my son feels the same way. Little Jaden had Matt totally wrapped around his little finger. He was his little buddy all weekend. Unless he had a dirty diaper and then he was all cousin Klarissa's!

It was so fun to get to see baby Giselle too, even if she was kind of afraid of us! She does love her big sister though!
A great weekend in beautiful surroundings! We sure are grateful to Oma and Opa for making it happen!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bear Lake 2014

This is one of our most favorite weeks of the year! It is our Butler week at Bear Lake. Today was the first day at the beach. Which sometimes means some fun surprises like Grandma jumping in the inflatable raft for a ride.
  It also means a lot of digging in the sand for us. And castles and sand sculptures are a big part of this week.  Grandma, Grandpa and I helped Josh with a Castle and village, Brittany sculpted Thor's hammer, Matt made two connecting holes, and Uncle Nate made a dead elephant. He specifically told me it was a dead elephant. Yikes! Those are just theones I got pictures of! It was a great day, even if it was a little rainy and overcast