Monday, July 29, 2013

Shelter Weekend

I have six of the very best girlfriends a girl could every hope for. Most of us have known each other since we were in elementary school.  Then there are two fabulous girls who because of their wise choice in men also became part of the group. We have lunch every week at one of our houses. We have done this every week for four years. I know! It is astounding! But the best part is the fantastic dynamic we have going in our group which we call Shelter, we were named by one of the kids. I was thinking about it in church today when we were talking about the bad habit we women often have of comparing ourselves to other women and find ourselves lacking. I couldn't help but think of my Shelter girls. I don't feel that when I am with them. I don't know if it is because we have known each other for so long, if it is because we are so honest about our flaws and challenges or as we often say, if you added us all together we are the perfect woman, but I only feel better and improved when I am with them. That is why last weekend was one of my very favorites of the year. It was Shelter Weekend. For three wonderful days we all go up to Sarah's beautiful condo in Park City.

We talk. And talk. Then we eat some chocolate to coat our throats.
Then we put our feet up while we talk, and solve all the world's problems.  And eat some more.
We do take a break to venture out of the condo for an amazing concert with the Utah Symphony. This year it was with Steve Martin. I know it is unusual to think of laughing a lot and the Symphony in the same activity.  Maybe that is why is was so very enjoyable.
A little resting in the sunshine. Look, not one kid is bugging Sarah!
We did also venture forth for a yummy dinner at the Silver Spur. Dinner on patio furniture with comfy cushions and live folk music in the background, and check out that view. Amazing!
We had such a fantastic time. This was our last meal before we left. Do not be fooled by its healthy appearance. This was the cleanse meal before we left. And there was also lasagna. Yum.
 Only 50 more weeks until we can go back...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Brittany turns fourteen!

So I am struggling to update this poor blog. My first-born child turned 14 almost a month ago. We did our best to celebrate this fantastic kid! First she celebrated with her friends. They went together to see a pioneer movie called Ephrim's Rescue. They loved it but said it was really sad.  I guess I should have thought that one through for a birthday party, but they said it was still fun. Then we went and yogurt because that is another of Brittany's favorite things. On her actual birthday she went and drove the racecars at Boondocks, that is really the only thing she likes there but we did need to get that practice in, next year there will be a learner's permit.

We also had a family party. I love this picture with Brittany's cousin Libby photo-bombing it. So funny, and so typical of their relationship. Sort of a milestone this year, Brit didn't chose some kind of theme cake, she chose a yummy German chocolate cake. Guess she really is grown up! She is such a great, responsible, fun, smart, adorable girl and I am so very grateful she is mine!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Pioneer day 2013

 Today is Pioneer Day. It is a big deal in these parts. It hasn't always been a big deal in our family because the Dad has to work, his is not a local company so he doesn't get this local holiday off.  So we watch the parade and usually stop there. Bu this year we needed to go to Salt Lake anyway so I figured we should enjoy a little pioneer history. Lucky for us not only was the Pioneer Museum open they had some fun activities going on.
 Every one was thrilled with my museum idea. They did warm up eventually.
 I had told the kids about this item I remembered from my youth. The two-headed lamb.  Yes, part of the beauty of the Pioneer Museum is it has some weird stuff in it.  William insists this is a taxidermy trick but it sure looked real to me. Smaller than I remembered though.
 They also have a plethora of hair wreaths. You know, the wreaths Victorians used to make from the hair of their deceased loved ones. They had dozens of the these elaborate, slightly gross creations. To my amazement, as part of the Pioneer Day activities they had demonstrations of a lot of Pioneer skills. Including a lady making Hair wreaths! I couldn't believe it! I have seen a lot of lost arts in action, I do a lot of handwork my mother-in-law does tatting. But I had never seen someone make a hair wreath. Fascinating.
 There was some really neat items too, like this program from the dedication of the Salt Lake temple.
 Very cool, shiny fire engine.
So many beautiful linens and handiwork. Brittany loved the crazy quilts. In fact, she is currently working on one of her own. So I am going to count that as a success, she was inspired to recreate  some pioneer heritage of her own!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Joshua turns Seven!

We have had some birthdays around here and I am behind on documenting them! My baby turned seven last month! How can this be? He has gotten so big he needed a new bike. He was pretty excited to get it too.
For his party we went to see the new Monsters Inc movie, Monster's University on the very first day it came out. These boys were a lot of fun! Josh was really lucky because Dad had the day off so after the party he and Matthew and Dad went and spent the rest of the day at Boondocks. A LOT of fun was had by them all!
Favorite present from Aunt T. T. Watch out world!
With the birthday cake. Found this one on Pinterest and it is my new favorite cake.   Easy to make and looks awesome!
We sure are glad we have Josh in our family! I have always said we got him for entertainment. He is such a fun, loving, smart, fantastic kid!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

Sandcastles, shakes from Le Beaus, yummy food, laughter, cousins, and fantastic grandparents. What is not to love at Bear Lake! I am so grateful this has become a Butler family tradition. This year was just as great at the years previous. I'm glad my dad remembered to have us take this picture just before we left. I don't like how grown p my kids look though!
This is the fabulous creation Josh made with Grandma's help. It is hard to see but there are army guys and windmills all over it!
Abby had a new raft she graciously shared.
Brittany and Libby decided they were going to make a lighthouse. I can't believe they managed to get sand this high.
Every year Uncle Nate and Matthew dream up some crazy creation to tackle. The car this year was my favorite.
Abby and Josh made a castle with a surrounding wall.
There is a pool that we love.  Uncle Nate has set a crazy precedent for water activities at the pool. This year he would dive under the kids, they would stand on his back and then he would slowly raise them out of the water while still swimming along.  They looked like they were riding dolphins at Sea World! Crazy!
It was such a fun vacation! It is good that there are some things in life you can count on. Having a blast with my family at Bear Lake is definitely one of them!