Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Moab 2013

This week is Spring Break around here.  For our family that has meant going down to Moab for the last two years. I admit to some reluctance. I am not a naturally born hiker and I have really bad ankles that I spend the whole time babying in an hopes that my family won't have to carry me off a mountain someday. But, all that said, we really had a good time. We just got home tonight and I have to post these before I forget everything. This is going to be picture heavy, but who are we kidding, it is mostly just for our family.
The first afternoon we got there we thought we would try a new hike. Corona Arch had been in the news lately, unfortunately because of an awful accident. Our main goal was just to hike to it so we were perfectly safe.
 Brittany and her dad taking a break.


Josh thought it was a great place for sunbathing/napping.  Silly kid!
The next day we started with the hike to Delicate Arch, the major attraction. Matthew really does not love this hike. It involves slickrock which for some reason he hates.  Also, he has discovered he has a fear of heights to we you get to the very end he has to make himself push to the top. I was really proud of him for making it. We can do hard things! I kept telling him that and he kept telling me he didn't have to like it. I agree, and the sooner he learns that one the better!
 Josh got new sunglasses for the hike. So cool!

 See those two tiny specks under the arch? Those  would be Brittany and her dad! Crazy people!


 The next day we left Moab and headed for Goblin Valley. The kids love Goblin Valley. It is a bizarre place full of fun stuff to climb on.
Brittany and Mom, trying to prove that I actually was on this vacation.
 Brittany the climber! Is there a sport where we can channel this girl's love of climbing? Every time you turn around she is climbing something really high!
 Guess she gets it from her dad.
 If you climb high enough you can pretend you are flying!
 Matt found a cave.
 My two oldest! Brittany is the tiny head on the left.
 The boys hanging out with the goblins.
Brittany on top again. 
 These kids love Goblin Valley, it is worth the extra time in the car!  And that says a lot for this group!
 Crazy weird! Wish I could take a panoramic shot, the whole little valley looks like this.
Josh likes to climb too.
 After we left Goblin Valley we decided to go home the route that took us around Capitol Reef. It was beautiful. Unfortunately the kids had hit the wall and were not interested in anymore rock formations. William and I liked it though.
So very pretty!