Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day at Oma and Opa's Houses

This summer is flying so fast! Faster than I can blog it. A couple of weeks ago we went up to visit Oma and Opa so William could help them lay tile. I spent part of the day taking some pictures of the kids. I really like this one of them on Oma's hill.
Josh loves the cat. He would be such an animal kid if he didn't live with people with allergies.
I used William's old yellow truck that lives at Opa's to take some pictures.
Don't you love the big tires?
This is probably my favorite. That is my baby people! How did he get to be six?
At the end of the day Opa took the kids, including Noah and James who were also visiting for a ride. It was a great end to the day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let the Party Begin!

 Brittany's birthday isn't until Saturday but we have already begun the celebrating.  Today my sister and her girls came up to help us celebrate. This is hard to believe but they had never been to Cherry Hill, well at least not since Tiff and I were kids. I think it is fair to say the cousins all had a blast and had a fun day.
 Look! It is the birthday girl!
 Four cousins, desperately trying to cling to each other!
 Oh no! They lost one!
Well, now they found her and lost Matthew! It was such a fun day, thanks so much girls for starting the birthday party!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chalk Festival 3012

 It was time for the annual chalk festival in Salt Lake last weekend. We love this and haven't missed since we came back from California.  Here is last year. This year though they had transformers and superheroes! Check out Josh with his new friends!
 There they are in the background. Josh is the only one in these pictures because the rest of my family is too cool.
 Amazing artwork right there at your feet!
 One of my favorite parts of the chalk festival is how inspired my kids always are afterwards. This year their dad put up the easy-up to save them from heat stroke and they stayed out there for most of the afternoon.  They keep asking me to find out how they can enter in the student section of the festival. I may have to check in to it soon.
 Matthew's Goofy.
Brittany's fairy in a tree. I just love my creative kids!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Birthday that Never Ends

 Josh turned six! Over and over and over again. It felt that way anyway. It started on Thursday. Because Boondocks gives the birthday child a free unlimited pass I convinced Josh to have his party with his friends the next day so he and his brother could enjoy it.  Man was that a good idea! He has been begging to go for months and now he is truly in love. I paid for Matthew to go because I knew he couldn't drive the go-karts and let's face it, they are the best part. We got there early so they had the track to themselves

. It was fun to watch them start off slow and then go faster and faster as they got more comfortable.

 Then they did the bumper boats. Much slower but Josh got to drive his own and squirt Matthew.
 I had a free bowling coupon for Matt from school so they did that too. As you can see it was pretty exciting when Josh got a strike.  I love when these two boys are buddies. This summer they really have had a great time together-most of the time anyway.  The day ended with presents and the dinner he picked.
 The next day was the friend birthday party. I recommend Classic Skating. Occupied everyone and except the fact that they go  home smelling like sweating little boys (or little puppies) it is perfect. And cheap if you use the two for one coupon like I did.I don't know how but this is pretty much the only picture I have that was at all worth looking at.
 Sunday was the family party. See, I told you this birthday went on forever. The family party is when I usually make the big birthday cake.  So I started creating that afternoon. It was going to be a mountain with a monster truck climbing to the top. This is what it looked like an hour and a half before the party. Earthquake! Stress! Just ask my kids how freaked out I was. I stood there thinking, "You have to have a birthday cake for the birthday party!". I took a deep breath, and scooped half the cake into the garbage.
 Luckily I had some of the frosting left and managed to try and salvage the thing.
In the end the kid was happy and the is the important thing right? Whew, that birthday is over! Now for Brittany's this week...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day of School- Two Weeks Ago!

Okay so we are two weeks into the summer and I never blogged about the last day. And it was awesome! This is Matthew minutes before I took him home for the summer. They had a water fight as their last activity of the year, thus his wet look. Although his teacher looks so young to me-I think this means I am old-she was amazing. I am hoping they convince her to move to fifth grade so we can have her again. Good bye Fourth grade!

This picture is really the reason I had to do this post. See that lovely lady in yellow? That is Mrs. Graham and she taught me when I was twelve and a beehive at church. I have to say as much as she taught me she was even more amazing as Josh's kindergarten teacher. It was such a great year! I love her so much I actually got in this picture voluntarily. Which I almost never do. Goodbye Kindergarten, it sure was great!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cutest Kindergartner Ever!

Josh's Kindergarten graduation has come and gone and I still haven't blogged it. But when I was gettting the pictures off my camera I found this particular video which I can't stop watching over and over because it is so darn cute. I know his teacher probably told the kids to find their parents and point right at them but it melts my heart every time. And that cute face he makes with one eye half closed! 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Soccer 2012

The soccer season is over, well has been for a couple of weeks. Better get it recorded on the ole blog before we move on to the next sport. Look! Josh is making contact with the ball! Oh wait, he is just practicing with Dad and Matthew. Honestly he has made a lot of progress this year and gets how the game is supposed to be played. Sometimes he just prefers to dance.
Getting the all important medal after the last game.
Josh and his buddy Gage. One of Josh's favorite things about soccer.
Treats, his second favorite. Can you tell it was Oreo;s and blue Gatorade?
Matthew takes things much more seriously. Happily the last team they played wasn't quite as good as they were and he and his team had a great time seeing how many goals they could make. Matt made five. Fun for us, probably not for the other team. It was a great way to go out. Who knew Matthew could play offense?
Part of the team, they were excited to slap hands with the other team and get their medals too.This season seems to have hooked us permanently on soccer. The last week has been spent trying to find Matthew a competition team he can play with next year. I'm not sure I am ready for this step but the choices seem to be comp or nothing for his age. Wish me luck!