Thursday, April 02, 2015

Spring Break 2015

This week has been a long awaited break! We planned to go to St. George and Zions National Park.  

First we started off with some sports. Matt had his first outdoor soccer game of the season which was fun and there was also some spontaneous basketball.

Monday we set off for St. George. I hate riding in the car that long but we had a lovely condo to stay in once we got there. We stayed at Sand Hollow resort and it was great. 

There are some huge rock formations we checked out after dinner since the kids love to climb. Even if the sign did say not to.  Whoops!

The next day we went to Zions.  Such a  spectacular place!

 Lots of fun hikes with great scenery.  Then came back and did a little swimming and are yummy Smashburger for dinner. 

Wednesday we were lazy.  We saw the movie Home, which was cute, played Legos and went to see my Uncle Dan and Aunt Carrie who live in St. George.

Dan took the boys on a four-wheeler ride and then the ultimate treat for Matt. He took him for a ride on his Harley. Then we stopped for the mandatory treats at Swig.
It was a great break from real life!