Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Couple of Good Ones

It is not often I have a week where I find two movies I really liked. But William was out of town last week so I watch quite a few and then because he had been out of town I went to the movies with my mom and sister.
My mom, sister and I went to The Artist. I don't know that I would have made it to this one without them. They were the perfect companions for this movie. Children or husband would have ruined this one. Literally. I kept thinking, " I would not even take a sleeping child to this movie". I knew it was a silent movie, I just didn't get how silent. There are places where there isn't even music. That said I loved it because I felt transported to another time. I have always been fascinated by eras of the past and this movie allowed me to trick myself into believing I was in the early 1930's. It is a similar plot line to Singing in the Rain; sound comes to the movies and some actors were not excited about it. In fact the main character really, really reminded me of Gene Kelly. No singing, it is a silent film remember? But there is a fun soft shoe number. That is a reason to see it right there. It was really a beautiful movie and a unique experience.

Then I rented Midnight in Paris. I am not a huge Woody Allen fan and Owen Wilson did not seem a natural partner for him but after the Golden Globes I decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did. Even if I had only watched the first five minutes of shots around Paris in super saturated color it would have been worth it. But then throw in more costuming from the 20' s in Paris and you have a really beautiful film. This one was sort of light on plot but it was fun to watch Owen Wilson's character meet famous people in Paris from the past.

I have thought a lot about both of these movies in the days after I enjoyed them. That is one of the measures of a good movie to me. Recommend them both!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine Crafts

Another craft from pinterest that I worked on while William was out of town. This one was actually for my sister. It is really fun to touch. Doesn't it look like brains?

Here it is on the front door. Last year this time of year I was making pillows like crazy. This year it seems to be wreaths.

I also found these on clearance at Target after Christmas. Let's just say I went a little crazy buying them. But they were so cute and so cheap! And now they are a Valentine's Day garland. For pretty much everyone I know!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My cutest craft ever!

One of my best friends, Circe, is having a baby soon. So my friends and I had a little shower. I had made a quilt, my usual go-to baby gift but I had seen so many cute little girl skirts and I had fabric left over so I couldn't resist trying to make a skirt. A teeny-tiny skirt. With a matching onesie. I think it is just about the cutest thing I have made ever! There is something even more adorable about its tininess. It almost makes me wish I was having a baby girl. Almost.

This the quilt that started it all. Pretty happy with it too.

Because I having a crafting problem and sometimes I just can't stop I finished off with a skirt made from the adorable ruffled fabric I can't get enough of. Now to meet the little one they are intended for!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still Finishing Christmas Projects

William has been out of town so that means I craft. I am still trying to finish up crafts I had intended to finish for Christmas. Oh well, it is only January right? This afghan was started on our family trip to Disneyland. I have to have something to work on in the car or I go crazy. It took longer to join all the squares together than I thought of course. I do love granny squares.

I found this method of joining them on my beloved pinterest. I like how it looks seamless. Brittany is always cold so this adds a bit more warmth to her bed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I love the ruffle fabric they have at Hobby Lobby. They have it other places but I can use their coupon. I had a piece left over from other projects and decided it might make this lamp even more appealing. I think I was right. I just used my hot glue gun and stretched it as I went and there you are!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bed Buddy

Another project that was supposed to be for Christmas was this little bed buddy. I saw this idea in a shop and figured I could make my own. Brittany likes to warm up a rice bag and put it in her bed to warm it up Little House on the Prairie style. I thought this guy might be more fun. So I found a stuffed animal at the thrift store. I made sure he didn't have button eyes or any metal parts. Then I made an opening and took out the stuffing. Then I replaced it with rice and stitched him back up. I admit it does seem a bit odd to put him in the microwave but he is going to have to get used to it because he is a lot more fun than some old rice bag!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafting again!

Now that the holidays are over I am working on finishing the projects I started during the holidays and didn't finish. I don't know why I must bite off too much every year but I do. I guess it gives me something to work on after the big day passes! They will be showing up here for the next few posts. For some reason I decided that I should make myself a yarn wreath for the Winter. Oddly enough I didn't finish it. But Saturday William took the boys out for a boys day and after Brittany and I hit the yogurt shop and the library I had the afternoon to myself. This has been pinned on my pinterest for awhile. Pretty happy with the end product.

Course, it looks even cuter with that little guy next to it!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Finally a Snow Day!

Finally, Winter came to our town! I was starting to think it would never show. The kids had a great time making the first snowman of the year.

Our version of graffiti involves a spray bottle full of water dyed with food coloring.

Josh was really good at snow painting.

Matthew in his snow easy chair.

The making of Mr. Snowman. I love a good snow day(they were all really tired when they came back in!)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Break

So it is over. The kids go back to school in the morning. I am actually quite sad (usually I am counting hours). It has been a lot of fun around here. Or maybe I just love the lack of homework stress.
Once the big day was over and we played with all the toys we broke out a few craft projects courtesy of pinterest. I cannot express how much I love pinterest.

I have been dying to try the melted crayon art that was big on pinterest. Brittany saw one on there that had the girl with umbrella silhouette so she wanted to try that. Aren't they great?
Tie dying with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. The site I looked at advised using sharpies but I am too cheap and didn't want to hand over my sharpies to the kids so we used cheap permanent markers I bought for $3 for the set. They worked just as well. Such a fun project. Found it here. It is my new favorite way to tie dye. No need to buy any Rit dye or worry about spilling vats of dye.

Slime. Not a pinterest original. We have made this before but Matthew requested it. Look, Josh made a cute snowman.

Then he turned it into a fierce fist!

Finally, we had a family party on New Year's Eve Day. Once we found a church we could get into (we planned to have it at ours but when we showed up we had been bumped by a funeral!) it was great, laid back fun. We ate, the kids drove their remote control stuff around the gym and played with Nerf guns, we exchanged gifts and visited. Pretty much perfect except that we missed three of the families and Oma and Opa. I love this picture because even though I said "Hey everyone, look at me!" they all ignored me except Matthew who hid from me.

I put away all the Christmas decorations today but ran out of energy before I could put all the regular decorations back so it looks like we just moved in. I have to admit after the wonderful chaos of the holidays I am kind of enjoying the simple clean effect. But I know I will have it all back the way it was before a couple of days have passed. Just like we will be resuming our regular some-what crazy life tomorrow.