Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas

It's all over. The big day came and went. 
 As Matthew insisted, it was our best ever. This is a picture I took Christmas Eve of the kids with the new tree. Do they look excited?
 We had a great afternoon of unwrapping, eating, visiting and playing. The boys had a goal of staying in their pajamas. Mission accomplished. Even out there with the remote control cars.
 This morning we woke up to snow. Lots and lots of snow, it hasn't stopped all day. Our neighbors had their razor out spinning around in the snow. Matthew was lucky enough to be invited.
 Brittany spent the day like this. Under her new blanket, with either a new book or the new family tablet with her new phone nearby so she could text her BFF. All day long.
The boys have done legos, played new Wii games, built all sorts of things. We had a great visit from Oma and Opa which I failed to document to make it all last longer. We still have lots of treats, lots of fun stuff to play with so I really don't mind if the snow keeps falling and we all stay right here until next year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas at The Grand

 This morning we had breakfast with my family at The Grand. This is the third year we have gone thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and it has really become one of our favorite Christmas events. Maybe it is because it give us a chance to take a great picture like this one while we all are looking cute!  Part of the fun of visiting The Grand is that William's younger sister works there so we always get to see her and have her take some pictures.
 After breakfast we always check out the beautiful windows that end with a treat from the lovely French bakery. This one Brittany is looking at is Christmas in Mexico.
 Then they always have an amazing gingerbread house. This is just the back!
 Then we visit the toy store dreams are made of. Matthew loves Knex, keep dreaming kid!
 My little family by one of the gorgeous trees. I promise I didn't break Josh's little head during the picture.
We were even visited by Santa and Mrs. Claus at breakfast! Such a great morning filled with great memories!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Decorate the Gingerbread!

Poor neglected little blog! But now it is the holidays I have to blog some of the fun or we might not remember we had it right? First up, the yearly gingerbread village. I was worried this would be the year I couldn't find the perfect pre-made village I always buy but Target came through once again. We love this one because it has the perfect amount of houses for our family. So we don't have to share. We are rotten that way. It is awfully fun to see what everyone comes up with.
The Village Christmas 2012!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Day!

 It snowed last night. We knew it was supposed to but I don't think anyone thought it would be this much. At least five inches, probably more. But I really wouldn't mind if it was like this all winter (yeah, someone remind me I said that about January). This is the perfect snow, so pretty but the road were just fine because they stayed warm and it didn't stick very well to them. So it is a marshmallow world out there today and it is so pretty!
 I love that the boys are big enough to actually be of some real help. Well, Matthew is.  Josh is just cute.
Then there was a snowball fight, that didn't have any injuries. I have to confess to grumbling because really, that first snow day is no fun for the mom. Trying to find the gloves, boots, snow pants and hats and then figure out which ones  still fit is a joke. But they had fun so I guess that is what matters.
Now I just want to bake and wrap up in a blanket and watch movies!

Friday, November 09, 2012

New Girls in the Shop...Finally!

Whew! I finally finished a big batch of dolls! They are in the Shop now looking for homes. I probably won't make another batch before Christmas so get them now if you are looking for a friend for a little girl you know!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Let it Snow!

It is supposed to snow here in the next day or two. I'm ready! Well, not really. I have loved this Indian Summer we have been having and I don't know what I will do when I can't throw the kids outside to play anymore, but my door is ready! I spent 45 minutes today making this wreath for my door for this Christmas. I realized in all of my wreath making sessions I have never made one for Christmas. The one we have been using we got the first year we were married. That was almost 20 years ago. It was time for a new one! This one is made from a dollar store grapevine wreath and four tubes of the plastic ornaments they sell there. Oh and don't forget the hot glue. A lot of hot glue! I have to say making the wreath made me feel a little bit better about winter being around the corner!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It is one of my favorite days of the year! Happy Halloween everyone! I love the magic and fantasy of Halloween. This year we have an unusual collection.
Josh is an angry bird! I figured he would be nice and warm trick-or-treating but we are supposed to have a record warm Halloween.

Mathew is a BYU super-fan. Your are never too young to cheer for the Cougs!
And Brittany is a beautiful peacock! She always comes up with something pretty and a little unusual. This is one of my favorites I think.
Don't you love the tail? I am so glad she isn't finished dressing up!  Hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

 The Dad has been gone all week. It was a looong week. But he came home last night and today was crammed full of fun to make up for it. After going out for a late birthday lunch, I love when my birthday lasts a long time, and after the kids were all home we managed to tackle this year's pumpkins. I think I have ruined my family. Somehow I have become the scooper of guts. Yes, I scooped four pumpkins. I decided I would rather scoop one less than carve my own. Ugh I hate pumpkin guts. Not as much as my family apparently.
 Matthew's finished pumpkin. So appropriate given he is still wearing his BYU  jersey and they even won today!
 Bittany's was like a little Danish villiage. That is a windmill, sun and little houses. Creative girl.
Who taught this kid to pose? Seriously I think he thinks he has a future with GQ. Josh always wants the littlest pumpkin. That is why he is my favorite child when I am scooping pumpkins. Hard to tell but he wanted his to look like a puppy. It tried.
As much as I hate scooping guts this really is a fun family tradition. I am still trying to talk them into  painting them next year!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ready for Halloween

After we got home from the cruise and I finally got caught up on the huge mounds of laundry that we created I hurried to get our Halloween decorations up. Since they are going to be up a week and half less than usual I thought I would document them, just to make myself feel like the effort wasn't wasted.
Front door. The kids added spider-webs of course. I added a new wreath this year.
Also added the purple sign I found on good old pinterest that says, "A witch and her monsters live here". More appropriate on some days than other.
The new wreath. I think I found it on pinterest. Just a simple straw wreath I wrapped in sheets I tore into strips an then wrapped.  Stretched spider-webs and then hot glued spiders. I like how it shows up against my door.
And finally the mantel. Since there was a new wreath for the front door the old one could come inside. That is supposed to be a pumpkin on the silver candle holder but I forgot to add the stem. Hopefully I will get to it before Halloween!
Now if only the costumes were ready!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall at Scary Hill

 Saturday was a beautiful  Fall day here and so we took advantage and went to have our annual round of miniature golf at Scary Hill, the transformed Cherry Hill minature golf course. It is so nice to have some things that you can count on always being the same. Halloween at Cherry Hill is one of those. Even I get a kick out of seeing our old favorites like the cool spider.
We had a great time, can't you tell?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Last Day

It was a seven day cruise and I have done seven posts and I could easily do more. It was one of the most fun weeks my family has ever had. The morning  after Pirate Night we had our breakfast with some of the Disney characters. It was tough to get there as early as it started but so worth it. After all, this was our last day on the ship and we didn't want to miss any of it.
The boys with Chip. Or Dale. Not sure which.
Three goofy fellows!
My family with Micky. Wasn't it clever of Brittany and I too coordinate with that wall behind us?  After we had finished eating and been visited by all of the characters our hysterical waiters started to make us hats with the colorful napkins.
They started with William. They turned him into Dumbo! He is holding the trunk. This may be one of my new favorite looks for him.
Everyone else became a pirate, check Grandpa out! He has teacups and a creamer hanging from his fancy hat.
Josh has Jack Sparrow type locks and Uncle Nate reminded me of Smee. This is their Captain Hook look.
Matthew was a classy looking pirate. Or maybe Peter Pan. Not exactly sure.
These are Brittany's Minne ears. For some reason I didn't get a picture of my sister's girls but Abby had these ears too.
Aren't I cute? Or not. Somehow Grandma escaped this treatment. Tiff had a hat but I didn't get her picture either.
The whole group. What a fantastic trip. Such great memories and so much fun.Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pirate Night

One night on our cruise was Pirate Night. Of course our resident researcher, Miss Brittany, knew this and made sure we were all outfitted appropriately.

Brittany and Libby, sporting a dashing moustache.
Josh, with is handmade hat, patch and hook.
Our wonderful wait staff, Carlo, Ronald and Arman in their pirate gear.
I Pirate night came right after Sea World so Arman made the ketchup that night into a dolphin.
Carlo used Grandpa's hand to do magic.
All of our fierce pirates with Carlo.
Later that night there was a pirate party up on deck. Goofy and Minne were really getting down.
Brittany and Libby danced their little hearts out.
We old folk were having fun too.
Josh and Abby doing their version of the tango.
Toward the end of the evening Captain Hook showed up and tried to ruin the party. Luckily when we looked up we saw Mickey coming to the rescue on a zip line! Then there were fireworks at sea. Such a great night!