Sunday, August 04, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

 Brittany came home from Girls Camp yesterday. She had such an amazing time! So I thought I would blog some of the pictures I stole from the leaders from facebook before I forget everything she has told me about it, This is the group minus the fourth years and YCL who had already left. Don't they look nice and clean?
 They went right from the church to a spot Brother VanderDoes had picked out to teach them to rappel.  I wasn't too worried about Brittany doing this. Whenever we go to Moab she is always scaling to the tops of things. I was right, she really enjoyed it! She did say taking this first step off into what feels like nothing was scary the first time.
 But once she learned to trust the rope and Brother VanderDoes at the bottom she had a great time. Did it more than once too.
 Once they got to camp, down near Manti, they had tons of fun. Playing in the lake there, apparently Brittany and her friend Emily are trying to balance on a bogie board that is submerged under their feet.
 Silly games.  This one involved putting a shower cap on your head and seeing who could catch the most Cheetos in the shaving cream squirted on the cap.
 Skits. What would Girls Camp be without skits?
And a monster, eight mile hike. That would be Brittany right there in the middle asleep. Or at least looking asleep.
It was a long, difficult hike but it ended here, at the Manti temple. The girls received letters from their moms telling them why their mothers felt it was so important for them to make going to the temple a goal. They also had a speaker meet them there.  That would be the one young man in the picture. He was an impressive young man who had suffered a lot of loss in his young life.
 I am so grateful for these amazing leaders and girls who are such a great example for our Brittany.