Thursday, February 19, 2015

Matt and the Spelling Bee

Just like his sister before him, Matt participated in the spelling bee this year. These things stress me out so much! But he practiced hard and did really well! It included 7th and 8th graders and he finished fourth! Very proud of that smart kid!

Valentine's Day 2015

Well its been a few days but I feel like I should post some of the fun that we had here for Valentine's Day. Josh finally got the chance to make a big fancy Valentine's Day box for school. He wanted to make Iron Man. Of course his big sister helped, and we discovered spray paint was a much more fun way to paint such a big thing. It turned out awesome! 

For Valentine's day there were lots of balloons and heart-shaped treats! I think Valentines Day is such a fun day to show everyone how much I love them. And I received a note from Josh, apparently I'm covering all of his important needs!