Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas 2013

Here we are in the new year and I have not documented this great Christmas we have just finished.  Although it was full of an unusual amount of disgusting illness it was still very fun. This post will be long but full of the fun we had this year. 
 We made our traditional gingerbread house village while we watched the new version of The Sound of Music, also a tradition from William's youth.
 The finished village!
 We also had our yearly trip to The Grand, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.  It was a beautiful morning full of good food, the best company and all the loveliness on display for the holiday at The Grand.
 The whole crew in our holiday best!
 The grandparents who make it possible for us to have this lovely tradition.
 I was lucky enough to enjoy my yearly Christmas party with my best girlfriends. It is one of my very favorite nights of the year!
 Finally Christmas morning came! Despite Matthew, Josh and I catching a nasty bug which made the night seem extremely long, and which caused us all to sleep in longer than we ever have before on a Christmas morning, we had a fantastic Christmas morning.
Some our favorite gifts. A homemade Fez made by Brittany for Josh, new scrapbooks from Mom for all the kids, Matthew's long wished for artillery vest and new airsoft gun, and the embroidered doll begun by Brittany and finished by Mom.
 There was a great big gift from Dad which came in the form form of a wonderful new family room which was a great place to play games and have nerf wars, since it is still waiting for furniture.
The three kids that make every Christmas so much fun in their new BYU attire. 
It was another great Christmas, so much fun that it makes me sad that it is over. But there is always next year to look forward to!