Sunday, October 18, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

 Last month I spent a really fun day with Brittany and Matthew. We managed to get ourselves to the Salt Lake Comic Con. It was a whole lot of crazy fun! Here we are waiting to get in, along with hundreds of other people!
 Once we had decided to go Brittany decided to accelerate the production of her Halloween costume. She had decided to be Scarlet Witch from the Marvel comics. I still can't believe we pulled it off. She made the amazing headpiece and I managed to produce a corset, dress and cape. She really was amazing and gorgeous.
Close up of the headress, hair and make-up.
 The organizers of the Salt Lake Comic Con arranged an attempt to break a Guinness World record for the most people ever assembled dressed as characters who originated from a comic book. Brittany got to participate and said it was  a blast. This is her with a bunch of other participants.
 Matt and I wandered around while she was with her friends Emily and Noelle. Matt and Iron Man.
 A very cool car they were painting with the Joker throughout the day.
 They had a green screed that Matt and  I had a good time playing with.
 Brittany and her friend Noelle who borrowed her Winter Solider costume for the day.
 Our favorite panel of the day, Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky in the Captain America films.
And a picture of The Doctor conquering a Dalek I took for Josh. It was an amazing, exhausting day that I'm glad we got to have!


Circe said...

Looks so fun! I can't believe Brittany's gorgeous costume!

Nora Smith @ Tefl courses and programs said...

It's happy that you can attend the interesting event. I don't have the opportunity to enjoy the event like that because I'm very busy in working.