Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New Experiences

This Fall Brittany made a big change. After years of taking ballet we were at a crossroads. Ballet was going to be three days a week which meant not a lot of time to explore other interests. So we decided to take a break from ballet and try something new. She signed up for a production program called Showstoppers. They teach kids a combination of dancing, singing and acting. They have class once a week and work toward a production at the end. This week has been performance week. She is pretty hard to see but she is a little left of the center.
This was the only number I could get to photograph without using the prohibited flash. It was really a fun night. Brittany has so much enthusiasm and tries so hard to do her very best, which is usually very good.

It was fun to see her develop new talents. We may go back to ballet, we both really love it, but it sure has been fun to try something new!


Marci said...

She did a wonderful job. Way to go Brittany!

Circe said...

We are still mourning the loss of beautiful Brittany at ballet, but (according to Golda) she was fantastic in her show tonight! Golda loved it and was so excited to see Brittany. She felt bad B was whisked away by the paparazzi (Grandma) before she got a chance to congratulate her. I told her I'd pass it along! Great job, Brittany!

P.S. I'll help you hang your lights!!

Artfulife said...

Sloan loved Ballet but it just got so expensive. If we hadn't stopped she would have never started piano & chime choir. She loves them both & both are free. I hope your daughter can find her niche. Sounds like she's having a blast doing it all!

Camille said...

So talented, and adorable.

Circe said...

Great job Brittany! I'm glad you like it so much! Bravo!!!