Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Day!

 It snowed last night. We knew it was supposed to but I don't think anyone thought it would be this much. At least five inches, probably more. But I really wouldn't mind if it was like this all winter (yeah, someone remind me I said that about January). This is the perfect snow, so pretty but the road were just fine because they stayed warm and it didn't stick very well to them. So it is a marshmallow world out there today and it is so pretty!
 I love that the boys are big enough to actually be of some real help. Well, Matthew is.  Josh is just cute.
Then there was a snowball fight, that didn't have any injuries. I have to confess to grumbling because really, that first snow day is no fun for the mom. Trying to find the gloves, boots, snow pants and hats and then figure out which ones  still fit is a joke. But they had fun so I guess that is what matters.
Now I just want to bake and wrap up in a blanket and watch movies!

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