Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas at The Grand

 This morning we had breakfast with my family at The Grand. This is the third year we have gone thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and it has really become one of our favorite Christmas events. Maybe it is because it give us a chance to take a great picture like this one while we all are looking cute!  Part of the fun of visiting The Grand is that William's younger sister works there so we always get to see her and have her take some pictures.
 After breakfast we always check out the beautiful windows that end with a treat from the lovely French bakery. This one Brittany is looking at is Christmas in Mexico.
 Then they always have an amazing gingerbread house. This is just the back!
 Then we visit the toy store dreams are made of. Matthew loves Knex, keep dreaming kid!
 My little family by one of the gorgeous trees. I promise I didn't break Josh's little head during the picture.
We were even visited by Santa and Mrs. Claus at breakfast! Such a great morning filled with great memories!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle for your comments, breakfast at The Grand America will always be a memory that your Mother and I will always treasure as we mark each wedding anniversary date. Thanks to your family and Tiffany's family for coming during this busy holiday season!!
Love, Pa

Jennie said...

What a fun tradition. I love that about Christmas.... you can add new traditions at any time. I bet the food was yummy!

Anonymous said...
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