Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crafty Brittany

 Brittany is currently obsessed with The Avengers. She has also determined that a little crafting is a great way to reduce the stress of school. She spends a fair amount of  time on pinterest and between that and some encouragement from her friend Emme she decicded to tackle some fantastic new shoes.
One of a kind Avenger shoes!


Circe said...

So cute! And I still love that picture of Josh soaking wet! heehee

vivian said...

LOVE the shoes Brittany made! Crafting is an excellent way to deal with school stress or any stress for that matter isnt it? and congrats to your son. I love the idea of the light arrow. My boys didnt want to be in boy scouts. i wish they had though. Ive not been here in a while, your kids are really growing up! It goes by so fast. have a great weekend!!