Friday, June 20, 2014

Josh's Eight year old Party

Today we started the celebrations for Joshua's eight year old birthday.  It was party day. These cute boys came over for a party. First they started outside, then fought a great nerf gun war.
Then they came inside and opened presents. I love the picture on the right. I said "Josh, aren't you going to thank your friends?" to which he responded, "Group hug!" And they all jumped into this pile of boys hugging. I wish they could just stay eight! His older brother and his friends definitely would not do that. Then we all took off for a movie. I had offered to take them to the new How to Train Your Dragon movie but Josh wanted to see Rio 2 at the Kaysville theater. The Kaysville theater means mom will buy drinks and a candy or popcorn because the tickets are so much cheaper. I cracked up at how great the boys who hadn't been to the Kaysville theater thought it was! It had to be the extra treats! It was a great party day, now we are ready for the real thing tomorrow! 

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