Saturday, October 25, 2014

Me at 43

Today I am 43. Wow, can't believe that! Since this blog has really become more of a family record I thought I would record a  bit about were I am in my life at this stage in the game.  My kids are at great ages,  15, 12 and 8. They are great kids! Of course we have our challenges while they are figuring out how to grow up to be great people and their dad and I are trying to figure out how to help. But they are fun, smart, good people who I really enjoy being with.  This is a good place to be at with kids.  William and I have been married for 21 years. Wow again! I can't believe those two nieve kids have made it this far! I wouldn't have believed it back then but I love and enjoy him even more than I did all those years ago.  Basically, I have everything I ever wanted. That is a humbling thing to realize.  The husband, family, home and life I dreamed of as a little girl are all mine.  How am I so fortunate? It is mostly because of the great husband I married.  He has worked so hard to provide and become everything I need. My extended family is close and healthy too. We enjoy each other and support each other. Life is beautiful and the Lord has blessed me in innumerable ways!
This weekend I am in Park City,  Utah with dear friends who also bless my life in so many ways. Three of us have birthdays this weekend so we are spending it together, having such a great time! We are leaving soon to go to a painting class, something none of us has ever done before.  Life is still full of great adventures and I am so grateful!

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Circe said...

Aw, you got me a little verklempt. Amen to all of that! I love you and your family and I'm so grateful that you're the captain of my social life. You make fun happen, and I'm just so blessed to be along for the ride.