Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow Day

This is what we woke up to yesterday after our evening of Nutcracker. Talk about getting you in a wintery mood! The boys couldn't wait and had to go right out and start shoveling.
Brittany had to get busy on a snowman.

They named him Henry and he was one of the best they have ever done in my opinion. Better yet, I didn't have to help!

Henry was very talented and displayed his enormous talent for doing the limbo. Right before gravity won and he turfed it into the turf. Farewell Henry, we sure enjoyed you while it lasted!

Note: Right after I wrote this post and scheduled it to post in the morning I heard crying from Josh's room where he was supposed to be sleeping. What were the tears for? He was missing the snowman and was sad he was gone! I had to go get a special little snowman my friend Tiffany painted for me for him to hold as he went to sleep and promise to make one out of pom poms in the morning that won't melt!


Sarah Smiles said...

Nice snowman! Poor Josh!

Amanda said...

Poor Josh...Henry looked like a good guy!

Natasha Burns said...

Poor Josh!
I can't get over that you already have snow!!! It's just heating up down here nicely :)

So how have you been?
I've been getting emails from you but I think your computer might have a virus? They're all spam ones - thought if nobody told you yet that you should know, in case you lose stuff on your hard drive! back it up!