Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was a big day. Not only was it Valentine's Day, one of my favorite days of the year, it was the long-awaited Sixth Grade Dance. Don't get me started on why we are doing this in sixth grade when the boys have to be dragged kicking and screaming to participate. Give them a couple of years and we won't be able to keep them away. Anyway, the kids have worked hard for weeks learning line dances and square dances and a few ballroom dances, and I have to say it was pretty fantastic.
Brittany was very excited this morning. Much thought was given to this outfit. She even had her nails done Saturday and I let her wear a little makeup. Pretty cute isn't she?
This cute boy was her partner when I came in. One of the few fairly willing participants.

Man, was that skirt the right choice! She could really shake it in that thing! Brittany danced with great enthusiasm and abandon. It was so fun to watch, I wanted to stay all afternoon instead of teaching third graders to make stained glass hearts from wax paper and crayons but I was committed.

Some of my favorite moments from the dance. It was all so fun and adorable I guess I am a reluctant fan of the Sixth Grade Dance. It was even fun seeing my little girl so grown up!


Circe said...

Looks fun! You look so pretty Brittany!
~Golda :)

Circe said...

Brittany looks fabulous in that outfit! Wowzers!!

Janice said...

Funny, our school does a 6th grade dance and I have told my kids, they will NOT be attending.

love.boxes said...

I want an outfit just like that one. Lucky Brittany!

Amanda said...

So cute!!! GO rock that skirt ;)