Saturday, February 05, 2011


I have mentioned before how much I love my Thursday lunch girls. This week was especially great. We had a mini-shower for one of our number, Christine. I am so grateful there are a few of us still having babies, it makes me feel younger. So that meant that the fabulous Tiffany sent us all home with beautiful favors. Okay, she really brought them to our houses because we were having so much fun they were forgotten. But that just made the lunch seem to last longer! This week I really needed my lunch, I don't know how many times Wednesday I thought, "all I have to do is make it tomorrow and then it will be Lunch Day!" I am always amazed at what I take away from these lunches. Thought I would share a few:
1. Last week we solved the scripture-reading problem that has been plaguing our home. Following Sarah's example one of the kids now reads in the car on the way to school.
2 I am attempting to hold to my biggest New Year's Resolution by eating much healthier. Jen is acting as my enforcer. We are emailing our loss or gain on Monday mornings and knowing I am going to do that little thing is keeping me so much more on track.
3. Books, always books. Right now it it The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I came home with it this week, we have been discussing it for a few weeks now. I am not too far into it but I must say it is making me think much more carefully about my own parenting style. More on that later.
4. The girls helped solve my quandary as to help Brittany get excited about Girl's Camp, there are several YW leaders in our group.
5. In my insecurity (yep, some of that still left at my age) I crave the little compliments that are always tossed around. I love that someone almost always compliments me. Funny how kids don't do that so much and I forget how much we girls need it.
6. Laughter and understanding, my very favorite parts.
So thanks girls, you are the best!

I must add that I must be the very most blessed girl out there because a fabulous group of girls in my neighborhood has adopted me into their groups so sometimes I even get TWO lunch days. These girls are so darling and fun everything they do together is just more fun. Seriously, how come I am so lucky?


Circe said...

AMEN!! What would any of us be without each other? I love ya!

sws said...

I'm glad you posted this because I feel the same way. I'm just so grateful to have friends that "get" me. And I agree on the compliments - we need them! You guys always make me feel like a super star-regardless of whether it is true!

Jennie said...

I agree. I'm glad I was adopted because now I'm addicted. :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle it is us who are blessed to call you friend...I have so enjoyed doing crafts with you and laughing with you..You are an amazing friend, wife, and mother.You always have a smile on your face and I have yet to see you in a bad mood!! We love ya :) Mandi