Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Saturday

I love when we approach a holiday and there are a few things we must do. Traditions that are well established. Easter is one of our best. First up, the Dopp family Easter egg hunt. Fabulous! Here are the kids with their "baskets" waiting to be filled.

The woman who makes it all happen. My friend Circe is one of the best party-throwers I know. She does it right, low-stress lots of fun. We are seriously thinking of getting her one of these megaphones to use in her real life.

They are off! Can you spot all four of my family member racing down the hill? Josh insists Dad help him.

Mission accomplished! Lots of loot. Lots of fun!

Then it is home to dye eggs. I really don't know why we do this. No one eats them. They don't even get hidden. But it is fun and I do always make them do a few blown eggs for me to keep. Maybe this time I will make egg salad.

Oh yeah, this is why we dye eggs. The cuteness factor!

Yep, lots of fun and pretty cute too.
Then it is off to Grandma's egg hunt. This one is really great because there are only five kids and you are guaranteed more eggs than your bucket can hold.

See, doesn't that look fun?!

This year we added a new feature. An original play written by Miss Brittany and acted out by the cousins. It was so great. Not sure it will be an annual thing though.

Hope your Easter Saturday was as much fun as ours!


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So much fun! I love how you do those window pictures.. cute!