Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brittany's Disneyland

I am so glad Brittany hasn't decided we are completely uncool yet because that just might have taken some of the fun out of Disneyland. It was still fun to ride everything within sight-except Tower of Terror. Still fun to meet all the characters although this time she had her own camera. She and Grandpa were the only ones willing to go visit the Small World with me. We did discover that there is an extreme lack of Daisy Duck paraphernalia even at Disneyland. Brittany had read all of the guide books and was our resident expert on everything Disney. Everyone should have such a great guide.

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Circe said...

I love all the kids' takes on Disney. What a fun trip! I can't believe Daisy is so hard to find. It's fun to have something to look for, though. My mom calls it a "quest."