Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We went up to the cemetery last night to visit my grandparent's grave. Grandpa was a proud veteran of World War II, I think we managed to get enough flags on there to make him happy. I am grateful for both my grandfather's service, and their influence on me. I wish my kids had know all my grandparents. They only remember Great Nanny, my Grandma Butler. She adored them.

Today I offered to take the kids to a movie but they preferred an art day. So out came the canvas and paints. We decided to try s0me abstract art today for fun.

I recommend abstract art for little artists. Look how great Josh's creation is. I am not sure what to do with this kid, he truly seems to be ambidextrous. He painted with his left and right hand equally well. Suggestions? Which hand do I encourage? Or do I just let him keep going back and forth?

Brittany did paint these with her eyes open even if I didn't manage to get the picture that way.
I love the picture of the girl with the book on her head especially.

Loved Matthew's new abstract art too. We watched musicals and painted. I love art days with my kids!


Circe said...

Wow, those kids have some serious skills! It makes me want to get the paints out! Great job, you guys! Brittany should definitely do some art camps for kids this summer to earn money for camp. And sewing...and reading...and there anything she can't do??

love.boxes said...

I love the paintings. I wish I could see that one of B's a little closer. Next time we have shelter at your house :) Looks like a fabulous Memorial Day!

Sarah Smiles said...


Brittany said...

The caption on mine says Why would I READ the book when I can do THIS!?!

Anonymous said...

Great series of activities, especially the picture of the flags and flowers at the cemetery. Thanks for your efforts, Grandma and Grandpa Butler would be very pleased to know that they had been remembered by such wonderful great grandchildren.
Grandpa B.