Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soccer Boy!

Guess where you can find us Saturday mornings lately? Yep, soccer field. Josh is playing with his friend Gage. Gage is the superstar-we count on Gage for the goals and Josh for the entertainment. I love this picture of my sweaty boy finding a seat watching his friends.

He really is chasing a ball even though it isn't in the picture. Josh seems to be getting the game a little better this year. He will at least chase the ball down instead of just following his buddy Gage around.

Can you tell his moves usually are a little more fluid than most? I have to take some video because the way Josh plays soccer it is a little more like soccer/dancing. Lots more fun for me to watch!

1 comment:

Camille said...

How did he get so big? We are doing soccer too. Gotta love it!