Sunday, November 06, 2011

40 things

(only picture I could find with me in it!)
So last week was my birthday. It was a big one. 40. Can't believe I typed that. I will tell you I didn't enjoy it. I think anyone who tells you turning 40 is no big deal is lying. It wasn't my favorite day ever. I did go to lunch with my mom which is always fun but it was a busy week and a busy day which ended at the Pinewood derby. It actually improved as the week went on, I guess once the trauma of the day was over I could have fun. Lunch with friends, fun date with William, shopping with my mom and sis.

So I have been thinking about this turning 40 thing this week. I decided I needed to be more grateful for where I am at 40. Cause really, life is pretty great. So I decided to make a list of 40 things I love about my life. Don't feel like you have to read this one, it is for posterity!

Things I love about my life at 40
1. I married the right guy years ago in the right place.
2. I have a fabulous relationship with my sister. She is my ultimate best friend.
3. I enjoy lunch every Wednesday with the friends of my childhood. They are so much better than therapy.
4. Having hobbies I enjoy.
5. Living 7 minute away from my parents after having tried lived hundreds of miles away from them.
6. Loving my neighborhood.
7. Living by mountains again.
8. Not having to change diapers anymore.
9. Having a live-in babysitter.
10. Friday night dates.
11. That I finished college-there were times I didn't think that would happen.
12. William and I still have fun together.
13. I was sent three great kids.
14. Those kids are healthy, smart and fantastic.
15. I have figured out what makes me happy.
16. My life is made up of those things.
17. Having great parents who have been and always are there when I need them.
18. Being able to stay home with my kids.
19. That I live 3 minute away from Hobby Lobby, yes this really has improved my quality of life.
20. William still likes me, and trust me he knows me better than anyone.
21. Having a daughter to hang out with.
22. Having sons to teach me how fun watching sports is.
23. That everything my Young women leaders taught me all those years ago was true. Good choices really do equal a happier life.
24. After a nasty fight with cancer years ago my mom is still here.
25. A quiet house after everyone is asleep and safe in there beds.
26. Late night movies with my girlfriends.
27. Having a healthy body that allows me to do what I want (even if I do miss my pre-baby days).
28. Adult dinners with the in-laws.
29. Having a crafting buddy again, my friend Mandi is responsible for the increase in crafting the last year.
30. That my kids all have close friends-whom I like.
31. Having great in-laws.
32. So shallow, but my new grown-up car. I never thought I could love a car like I do my Acadia.
33. My ward. I love that I enjoy going to church every Sunday.
34. Pintrest. Love it.
35. There aren't many craft projects I won't try.
36. Being a mom is even more fun than I thought it would be (harder too but...)
37. I have finally learned how to say "No". (Thank you Mom!)
38. Dinners/gatherings with my Butler family.
39. Sunday dinners made by my husband.
40. I have everything I ever dreamed of.
I hope that didn't come off as obnoxious. I just needed to remind myself not to get bogged down in less fab parts of 40 (wrinkles, love-handles, creaky bones and being officially "middle-aged" ugh!)
If anyone is still reading this, here is your reward. A rare, crazy picture of me with my friend Amy last Summer. Man we laughed hard in that tube! Hope she will still be my friend if she finds out I posted this picture!


vivian said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I loved reading your list. 40's not so bad.. wait til you reach 50!! or 51 and become a grandmother!! thats down right scary. but it is a blessing just to be alive. right?
happy day!

Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday! I love your list. It reflects a great sense of gratitude which is, I suspect, the source of your happiness.

My 40th is coming up in two weeks. I'm kind of dreading it! My only hope is that my body and mind won't change (decline) as much in my 40s as they did in my 30s. We'll see.

Camille said...

Happy 40th! You are such an inspiration to me. I love your list! I think it's great that you feel so blessed and happy with what you have! Best wishes to your family.

Jennie said...

Love it! I'm so glad we share a special day. Happy Birthday!!! (to us) :)

Circe said...

I love your list. You're fabulous at 40. I love this stage!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I find your list very interesting and a real pay day for your mother and I as I think about the wonderful person you are as you continully keep so many different balls in the air. I applaud your list of 40, your priorities are well represented. May the list continue to grow as the years roll along. Your mother and I could not be more proud of the good person you have become and all that you have accomplished in your 40 years. We have loved you for 40 years and look forward to many more. Love, Mom and Dad
P.S. If you think 40 is humbling, wait till you reach 60!!!!

sws said...

what a wonderful list. So insightful about things in life that are truly important. You are such a blessing to all of us. Thank you for reminding us that friendships are so important. You have used your 40 years well, can't wait to see what is in store over the next 40. I know we will still be friends and hopefully still having lunch.

Amanda said...

Happy late bday woman! I turned 30 this year and struggled with that decade jump too. I should have made a list like yours to pull me outta my bday funk!
I gotta say...I have a lot of similar "thankfulnesses". Probably why we're friends! hehe

xoxo me