Monday, November 07, 2011

Crazy Hair Day 2011

Hey, what happened to that kid's head?

Hold on-is that Josh or a green-haired old guy?

Yep, everyone's favorite Hair day at school has once again come and gone. Can I just say how glad I am this day falls in October when colored hairspray is available cheap? It wasn't when we lived in CA and it was hard to find it and it was expensive

This was the kindergarten carpool, it is a good look don't you think?

This was the morning carpool. Good looking kids, even with colored hair! I have to admit to really enjoying spraying everyone's head. Makes me think I could have had a second career as a graffiti artist. Oh wait, there isn't any money in that. Guess I will just stick to heads.


Circe said...

You had way too much fun with crazy hair day. I might have to come and take away your spray paint if you get any more carried away!:) Love it!

Order Pills Antibacterial said...

I will be your frequent visitor, that's for sure.