Sunday, December 04, 2011

I love PInterest

So I haven't blogged as much lately. I blame Pinterest. I find myself spending most of my screen time there. The plethora of ideas to be found there is overwhelming. And I love it. So here a couple of the ideas I have found there. Freezer paper. Who knew all the things it could be used on? I stenciled this snowflake on a pillow I already had. Cost me zero dollars. We all know I just don't have enough pillows around this place.

Both of these ornament ideas came from Pinterest. The first ones I tried were ornaments with old music papers modpodged. Then I tried some glitter ornaments I saw. The originals had swirled Mop and Glo inside and then added glitter. I am cheap and didn't want to buy Mop and Glo so I used a clear dish washing detergent instead and it worked just great.

Next up, transfering photos to canvas!

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Janice said...

LOVE the pillow