Friday, December 09, 2011

Kids Christmas Craft

This last week was sort of a tough one. It seems everyone planned their events early in the month which is great but created one heck of a week. So about half way through the week I told the kids we weren't leaving the house and we were going to craft. This is my way of dealing with stress and I figured since they were my kids it might be theirs too. We made snow less snowglobes. I know, sounds weird but when I saw it on pinterest I thought it could be adapted for kids. I was right. They had a great time making homes for their thrifted figurines. They were supposed to go in old pickle jars I had saved but two of them didn't fit. Of course, in my substantial stash we found some other jars. The fake snow came from Wal-mart and I have enough left over to make snowglobes for everyone we know! We survived the crazy week and now we have a fun weekend to enjoy. And we have snowglobes!

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Sarah Smiles said...

So cute!