Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids on the Loose!

Apparently Brittany has a little too much time on her hands. I came home the other day to giggling kids on the couch. No one would fess up to what was so funny. Finally I discovered our family picture wall had been hit by an epidemic of moustaches. Oh, and word bubbles expressing our thoughts.

Funny, but I actually think that family picture in the middle there is vastly improved.

Yesterday she called to ask if she could do something she saw in Family Fun magazine. I said sure. You can't quite tell but the kids used a bar of soap like chalk.

Creative minds can change the world right? Hope so, cause man these kids have their creative moments!


Jennie said...

So funny. What creative kids!

vivian said...

my kids used to leave little surprises like that around the house too. Love the mustaches!
have a great weekend

Sarah Smiles said...

Love the mustaches and bubble messages! Great idea!