Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Turning 10

This my boy. He had a birthday on the first day of school, tragic in the world of  boys. So of course I had to try and compensate. Sunday was family birthday party. Note the soccer ball cake. Harder to make than one might think.
On the actual day I picked him up from school and took him straight to Boondocks with his brother. Bumper boats and the race track.
He is pretty darn good in that thing now. The goal was to get good enough to beat his dad when they went back that evening after a birthday dinner with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Gloria. Then on Friday we had a marathon party for his friends that included Cherry Hill, pizza and the new Spiderman movie. Whew! I am tired just typing all that. But he is a great kid and he deserved to be celebrated. But now wonder I am enjoying the peace of this second week of school. Happy Birthday Matthew, welcome to the double digits!

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Camille said...

My oh my, your kids are growing up! This sounds like another fun birthday, you are a super fun mom.