Sunday, September 09, 2012

First Day of School

What a crazy week! I always seem to forget how insanely nuts the first week of school is. The new early schedule, homework, trying to work around sports games and practices plus those vital back to school nights which are my only shot at having some impression of the people teaching Brittany. Throw in a first grader who is not used to this, two days of getting out early and a boy who had the horrible fate of having his birthday land on the first day of school (that deserves its one blog post). Oh, and my computer wasn't working so I couldn't blog if I wanted to. But here they are on the first day, I did at least take the picture! 8th grade, 5th grade and 1st grade. Sniff, sniff.
 The first grader just about did me in. There he goes with his best buddy Gage. Gage's mom and I are friends so me conspired to get them in the same class. Brilliant. The minute he saw Gage his anxiety was cut in half.
My baby! At that big desk! How did this happen. I did feel a little teary at school but now that the second week is about to start I am ready to celebrate.  I can clean my house in the morning and it will stay that way! At least until they come home. Here's to a great year!


Janice said...

I had a son start junior high this year and it has been really hard on me. Him not so much. And, also a Kindergartner. I have not like this start of the year very much.

Circe said...

Oh what fun for those little cuties! Congrats on making it through your crazy week. Nutso!!!!

vivian said...

I know! though I always missed them when they went to school, I was always happy to have time to myself to clean, bake, create and shop! enjoy!