Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Clark Planetarium

I'm not sure what came over William this year but he did an unprecedented amount of the Christmas shopping. It was awesome. Especially because he thinks of stuff I don't. One of the things he got the family was a membership to the Clark Planetarium. I think it was a Groupon deal or something like that but we now can go as a family and see any of their Imax films or light shows for free. It includes popcorn for everyone and parking! So Saturday, since it was frigidly cold, we decided to try it out.We had such a good time. We saw an Imax movie in 3D about the Arctic. They also had one about dinosaurs and flying monsters but I thought we should start slow, didn't want to scare the little guy on our first visit. So fun, especially when it snowed!
Half the fun of the Clark Planetarium is the gift shop and other exhibits so of course we checked them out after the movie. Josh was pretty impressed.
We all had a good time with it really.
Yes, you can electrify your own nose.
They had a cloud making area too. Doesn't he look like he is feeling the "force"? It was a fun afternoon, I already have plans for the kids next day off of school!

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