Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh, poor neglected little blog! I have lost my drive to blog I guess. Instagram and Facebook are so much faster. But I was looking back over old posts and realized as much as I felt like I was blogging in the past I wish there were even more details of our lives. So I am going to try again! Even if it is just a summary of what is going on and it is only for my own enjoyment. So here is last Saturday.
 The morning started as it usually does this time of year with soccer. This time it was Joshua's. Josh is so much more engaged in the game this season. He even made a goal last week!
 After soccer William and I went looking for flowers. Maybe a little foolish on the weekend of Mother's Day but it was such a beautiful day it still seemed fabulous. And look at this miraculous picture, no people in that greenhouse! At least at that moment. We went to three different nurseries. Then later in the day William snuck out and went to another. He came home with a tree. Again. That boy has a serious tree addiction!
Part of the hunt through the local nurseries was the need for two yellow rose bushes for the front yard. Of course my man found them, bought them and planted them. As my neighbor said to me, he just gave me roses for Mother's Day forever!
This was my real Mother's Day gift. New bird bath right outside my kitchen window. Now someone inform the birds it is open for business.

In the afternoon Brittany and I went out to search for the perfect flowers for the yard. My mom has trained her since she was tiny to be an expert flower planter.  Of course the super-reader cannot be without a book for any length of time.  We went to a couple more nurseries and found just what we needed.  I have spent the last couple of days trying to keep them alive until we can plant them tomorrow.
I did plant these in the front yard. For some reason Brittany does not consider the front yard her domain.
While we were out we had to stop at DI to see if they had more books for Super-reader and we found this gem. I still feel a little bad we didn't bring her home. There is just something about a Barbie wearing that much lace that I just want!
The next day was Mother's Day. Because it was Mother's Day and they had to do anything I wanted I made these three awesome kids who have made me a mother pose for a picture after church. I am so glad I get to be their mom.
We later spent the rest of the day with my amazing mom. Love this picture. She made both of our matching dresses. Aren't we both adorable? Yep, I absolutely won the Mother jackpot!


vivian said...

gosh Michelle your kids are growing up! Im glad you had a nice mothers day. what would we do with out our babies?
keep up the blogging.. there are days I consider giving it up. but I'm always so glad to stay connected to my bloggy pals and to reread old posts that are like journal pages of my life.
have a great day

Anonymous said...
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