Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Josh's Last Week

We are two days into Summer.  So far so good. In an effort to update this poor old blog let's detail Joshua's last week of first grade. I got to go with Josh on a field trip to the Tracy Aviary. Hadn't been there before so it was lots so fun. I love this picture, it is perfectly typical of field trips.  See every kid is looking in a different direction.  They run that way too.  They actually were good kids, I volunteer in their class so they know me and that I'm not a total push-over.
Josh absorbed in the bird show.
Those are flamingos behind him. Note to self: do not cut this kid's hair yourself. Yikes!
Joshua's amazing teacher Mrs. Warburton. First grade was such a great year. We are really hoping that she moves to second grade so we can do it all over again!  Love the kid photo-bombing in the back.
Did I mention these kids know me?  So they insisted I take their picture too. Which I didn't mind in the least. They are great kids! Good bye first grade!

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