Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Brittany turns 15!

We had another birthday at our house this week! This time it was Brittany's turn. I can't believe my baby girl is fifteen! We had a great time celebrating her.
Sunday Grandma and Grandpa came with the Sorensons for dinner, cake and ice cream and presents.
This is Grandma's cool new birthday gift. Money balloons. Big fun!
After she woke up we zipped over to Boondocks to get a little driving practice in. We lucked out and Abby and Libby were spending the night at Grandma's so we got to spend the next day shopping with them.
See Brittany in her pretty birthday crown? Kind of an evil smile, it does showcase her new braces though.

 We ended our fun day with gelato. Yum!

 I love that theses girls love each other.
Then went home to more presents! It was a fun day, I hope Brittany had as much fun as I did! She is a fantastic kids and I'm so grateful she is ours!


Circe said...

Happy birthday to one of our favorite people!

Gail :) said...

She is a doll! Where has the time gone? I had a rocky few years but seeing all the kiddos I follow on blogs grow up when my life seemed to stand still is crazy! Happiest of Birthday wishes to your sweet girl!