Saturday, July 05, 2014

July 4th 2014

 I love the Fourth of July. So much fun for relatively little stress. This year ours was even better because the Sorensons decided to spend it with us. These are all of the Butler cousins waiting for the parade to start. Aren't they the cutest?
Face painting while waiting for the parade to start is a tradition among my kids. Josh is patriotic puppy in case you wondered.  
 Brittany and Libby being fabulous while Matthew tolerates me taking his picture.
Brittany and Matt trying to catch something good.
After the fireworks we had our annual Meatfest. I tried to take pictures but there just was too much meat. It was awesome. Then we took the Sorensons to our favorite spot for fireworks. Half of the reason the kids like this spot is because there is lots of room to throw a Frisbee and horse around while you wait for the show to start.  It is even better when our friends the Dopps join us too!
The cousins all lined up, ready for fireworks. I love moments like this. I know it won't be long before these kids want to spend the Fourth with friends or have  a date or some such thing. But for now I sure loved having them all together.  
Happy Fourth of July! 

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