Saturday, August 02, 2014

Park City 2014

This was one of our favorite weekends off the year, it was the weekend we spend in Park City.
This year we started in Salt Lake with a visit to Smash Burger and a favorite toy store. I'm so glad they aren't too big to have fun there.
 Then we hit the outlets for some school shopping and of course the pool. We ate a lot of yummy food too.
We love the Arts Festival, it really is one of our happy places. This year it was even better because Annie and Roberto joined us with darling Gigi.
That cute face makes everything more fun! 
Just a few of the fun things we loved seeing.
The last morning we decided to try something new and we all rode the alpine slide. This was the view when you got off the lift.
It was great fun, I was so proud of Matt for overcoming his fear of heights to ride the ski lift up to ride it
Josh right before he went down.
Brittany coming down. It was great fun!
Then we finished with a movie the kids have been really excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. Our family has had a great time seeing Marvel movies lately. It is fun to find a movie we all like at this stage. Such a great weekend!

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