Monday, September 01, 2014

Temple Day!

It seems like so many of our friends and neighbors have already been to tour the newly remodeled Ogden temple. Well today it was finally our turn! To make it even more special we got to go with the whole Butler clan plus Aunt Gloria who was visiting from Minnesota.
The kids wanted to take a picture of their feet all together. I thought I was super clever coming up with the hash tag "standing in holy places". Love these feet and the amazing kids they are attached to! 
Josh was my only child who would let me take his picture in front of the temple. I'm sure this means he will receive extra blessings! 
After a wonderful tour of the beautiful new building Grandpa took us all to Chuck-a-rama, or kid heaven as it could also be called. I don't think the kids have had this much fun at a meal together since the cruise. There was a bit of a wait so Abby and Brittany used Matt as a pillow for a little nap. 
Love these crazy people! 
It all ended with all kinds of crazy desserts, the craziest created by Matt. Yes those are French fries he poured ice cream over. He swears it was delicious. It was a fantastic day. One of those perfect ones you wish you could stretch and make last forever.  

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Circe said...

The Butlers are the most fun family! I want in!