Monday, February 26, 2007

Is Spring coming?
I don't know what it is about anticipating spring that makes me want to freshen up my house with some new things but it seems to happen every year. So after the trip to the fabric store I have been happily making more throw pillows to add some color around here and recovering a few things. Hopefully they will be ready for a little before and after post later this week. But this painting was yesterday's naptime project. I had it posted a few days ago and if you look you will see it was much more purple and pink. Quite nice for my daughter's room where it lived, but I wanted to move it to the living room. So I did the unthinkable to someone else's creation, I started attacking it with my paintbrush. But I figured I bought it and it lives in my house now so I hope Inez( the original creator whom I hopefully will never meet) won't mind. And I am so happy with it! It looks much nicer than the Robert Duncan print which I really liked but have seen all over Utah. Now the picture in my living room is unique and I love that!


love.boxes said...

Good job!!!

Vanessa said...

I did that to a clown painting!! I think it is brilliant and marvelous. I mean, if you don;t love it, tweak it til you love it! We can't do that to a man, so at least do it with art!! XXO, Vanessa