Saturday, February 24, 2007

We've been making dolls!

Brittany made two sisters, they are wearing glasses just like her. And Matthew needed a Batman that looked like him, but before we stuffed him we discovered that he made a great puppet. So Matthew plans to use him as a puppet and then when he is tired of that he will turn him into an "action figure". My doll is the one wearing the hat, she is supposed to be Miss Spring.


Glen said...

Nice job on the blog Michelle! I learned some new things about you. You have some great talents and hobbies. One of these days we will get a blog up as well. Have a good week.

love.boxes said...

Michelle, did you see that Jenni did a post for you.

This doll is soooooooo, sooooooo Cute!

michelle said...

Yup bless her chocolaty little heart! This is that other doll I told you about Tif