Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look at my new flowers

My mom came over the other day and helped me make this new arrangement in my great-grandmother's old copper pot. According to my grandmother it was used to do laundry in! Boy do I love my washing machine! Anyhow, I have had dried flowers in it for about four years and my kids had just about destroyed them all. I would, of course prefer real flowers to these silks, but that is just not practical and I am happy with the extra color in the room. And that gorgeous chair next to the flowers? That is my talented husbands creation! And it only took three years! Just goes to show, never give up on that guy, he always comes through in the end.


Vanessa said...

Your Husband made that stunning chair???? First of all, me and my mom do things like this too....That was one fancy copper laundry pale...Now it is a stunning cooper vessel. Also, your painting looks fab on your mantel!!! Thank you for all of your kind words! It makes me feel less exposed....and more supported!!! xxo, Vanessa

michelle said...

Thank you Vanessa for your kindness, and it is easy to support such a lovely person!

love.boxes said...

I have seen this room in person & and it is stunningly pretty!