Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Swaps

Okay, so I realize there are about a hundred things that I should be doing that are more important than blogging but I just can't give it up yet! I am afraid I will definitely slow down on my posts after the move next week. We are going to stay with my parents while we are in between houses or until we find a rental and I won't have my computer. So I will probably visit a lot still but it will harder for me to post since the parents don't have high speed and I don't want to clog their computer up with my pictures. So it is blog while you can around here! I may do some predated post though. Anyway, after that long explanation, I thought I would show the swaps I signed up for without imagining that my life would explode into chaos in October. I am glad I did them though, they were lots of fun. I haven't received mine yet, I had my partners send them to my parents so I could still enjoy them without having to pack them.

She was for a Halloween doll swap

Another for a Halloween doll swap. She got to go to Australia lucky girl.

And this was for a Autumn swap.
I am too brain dead to link you to the hosts, just trust me that they were lovely girls and really created a lot of Fall fun!


vivian said...

HI Michelle! I love the doll you made and cant wait to see what your partner made for you!! thank so much for joining my swap and good luck with your move!

Mikki said...

Cute stuff. Swaps are so fun I think. Love your header, it's so cute! Good luck with the move. Hope it all goes smoothly!

Graham Shenanigans said...

I love, love, love the Halloween dolls. They are precious! Good luck with moving! Maybe it won't be for long!

love.boxes said...

Darling Michelle!