Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Lovely Miss Eveline

I just have to show you the amazing new friend that was waiting for me when I arrived at my parents house! I signed up for a couple of Halloween swaps before I knew my life was going to blow up. I am so glad now that I did! Look at the amazing doll I received from Amelia from She is so amazing! My mom and I are both in love with her. I think her name is Eveline. She is very refined, and just adores a good Halloween ball. She is dressed so beautifully in a Halloween ballgown. I just adore her Amelia! Thank you so much! I had to borrow Amelia's picture because my camera cable is somewhere in a warehouse because I failed to keep it out of the packers path.
**In moving news, we are pretty well settled at my amazingly generous parents' home. Lucky for us they have enough bedrooms in their basement for us and my kids sleep better here than anywhere on earth. I got them started in their old school yesterday and it did feel a lot like coming home. They both managed to get in the same classes as old friends so that is helping the adjustment a lot. Joshua is having a ball in my mom's playroom and out on her patio. Matthew has been playing with neighbor boys every night, something he never had in CA. He doesn't understand why we have to move at all, why can't we just stay here?
We just lowered the price on the house, and are hoping with the slightly more stable Stock Market we will sell it soon. We have had some fun looking around at houses here though. I am hoping to make more regular rounds in blogland now that the kids are in school and I have figured out how to work William's laptop! Oh, and I ordered a new camera cable so hopefully there will be pictures again soon!


Sarah Smiles said...

She is so lovely! She does look very refined and ready for a Halloween Ball! Is she handmaid? Wow! Such talent! You do have very nice and generous parents. How blessed you are indeed! I am thrilled to hear that your kids are in school and their old one to boot. I am also glad to hear that they are adjusting well! Are you adjusting well? I hope so not having a camera cable couldn't help, though. I have been quite frustrated at times trying to find stuff I need that is still packed. At least I can get to my packed stuff! although it is still frustrating. At least you will have 2 cables to lose. Just kidding! :) I hope you don't lose or misplace either one. I have good news. I found my long lost BYU roommate. We are having so much fun catching up on the last couple or so years! I need my own blog to get her caught up! :) Maybe some day I will get blog savy like you!

agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

that doll is gorgeous! can you buy a house near your mums so that you dont have to change schools? have a great week xx rosey