Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snow Ballerina

I just finished this pretty little ballerina for a friend. The recipient is going to be playing the part of snow in our Nutcracker. I tried to make her costume as close to the real thing as I could.

The tiara is my favorite part!

There have been quite a few late nights this week while I tried to finish the batch of Christmas Gingham Girls I have been working on. They should be in the shop this weekend by the way. So I have watched a few movies while I was working. I don't even remember putting this one in my holds at the library, I must have seen it on someone's blog. It was rather fun, a moment or two of crude language but over-all entertaining. The premise is that there is a door in the bathroom of a modern-day Londoner who love all things Austen. Elizabeth Bennet comes through the door and they change places. Of course major changes in the story of Pride and Prejudice ensue. Not as good as my beloved Cranford that I also watched, it just never gets old, but still I would recommend it.


Janice said...

I read a similar one a while back, I can't remember the title. Love the doll.

Circe said...

The Snow doll is gorgeous, and even more precious in real life! I thought it was for c. Is she giving it as a gift? How thoughtful!

Sandy Michelle said...

Eeek I just love your doll! I really need your e-mail address so please forward it to me at!


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